Cone Mounts are a robust products offering a high horizontal stiffness compared to the vertical stiffness in order to control the movement of Engines, Cabs and Equipment. They are ideal for mobile applications, and are able to accommodate high loads and shock forces whilst offering excellent vibration isolation properties. Cut outs in the rubber section allow for diffrent horizontal to vertical stiffness ratios and the moutings can be supplied with Overload & Rebound washers to provide a failsafe mounting solution. The design of these mountings ensures a low profile installation.

Applications Include:

  • Construction Machinery
  • Off Road Vehicles Engines
  • Vehicle Cabs
  • Rail Applications
  • Transmission and Gearbox Suspension
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Agricultural Vehicles

available sizes

Item A B C D E F G H I Max Load (kg) Deflection (mm) Unit Price Qty
115 95 73 24.5 128 106 121 100 10.5 1000 6.5 £49.99
115 95 73 24.5 128 106 121 100 10.5 1600 5.5 £49.99
CM146 Top Washer
CM146 Bottom Washer

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